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The situation

The people are not protected. Currently political power and its representatives serve the interests of a minority against the public interest.

The people are politically powerless because we can not recall elected officials who betray us, they are not bound by their election platform, we can not require them to enter a topic...

Citizens can only elect masters who decide everything for them. Yet, limiting the power of citizens to election creates our political impotence and makes it completely useless to debate between citizens and to search for appropriate decisions for the greatest number. The principle of "representative democracy" voluntarily drastically limits the power of the people and makes it difficult to correct decisions which have been taken against the general interest.

Citizens are deprived of any daily political role. Constitutions written by elected people mechanically provide rules that do not constrain their power much. There is a conflict of interest: it is not the one who is in power who should determine the limits of its own power. For example, the constitution of the Fifth Republic of France, written by elected people and men exercising power, transfers the power of the people to representatives while not organizing any counter-power or control of the representatives.

We are not in a democracy but in oligarchy (or plutocracy).

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